The ESD Card System

At the heart of the system is the ESD CardSlide, or smart card reader, which communicates with the machine on which it is mounted. ESD builds CardSlides that can be adapted to interface with over 60 different types and brands of laundry equipment and CardSlides that can be made to interface with literally hundreds of different types of vending equipment. These stand alone slides feature a large LED display, no moving parts, and offer the operator the possibility of numerous promotional opportunities including time of day and day of the week pricing specials, various classes of customers and penny increment pricing. The actual smart card has an embedded silicon chip that provides high-level security and information storage capability. ESD has invested in several of the most technologically advanced machines available to manufacture the smart card in-house. This unique capability allows ESD to offer its customers more economy, more flexibility and more personalized creativity and attention than any other manufacturer.  A third part of the System are Value Transfer Machines (VTM®) that will dispense new cards, or will transfer value from cash, credit cards, or debit cards onto an existing ESD card.

VTM / Value Adder Plus With Card Dispenser
   • Front Load VTM  $5,225.00
​   • Rear Load  VTM  $5,250.00

VTM / Basic Value Without Card Dispenser
   • Front Load VTM  $2,950.00
​   • Rear Load  VTM  $2,990.00

Ruby Card Readers  $295.00 per machine

Smart Cards (per 100)  $385.00